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Keisha J. Reed is a Gen Y Washingtonian transplant now living in Charm City (Baltimore), MD.

Trained in Public Relations, she decided that she wanted to make a bigger impact on the community that she resides in and work for the nonprofit sector. A product of nonprofit programs that impact inner-city children, she understands the importance of the presence of these programs. They helped introduce her into arts and culture and allowed her to travel to places that she would have never been able to on her own.

Martha’s Table, Say Yes and Girl Scouts are just some of the programs that enabled her to grow into the young woman that she is today. Her lifelong goal is to be able to live out that dream and share the gifts that she’s been blessed with over the years.

Starting her blog at is just one stop on the journey, and there is so much more to come.

In her free time, she volunteers at local charities that focuses on building and evolving the lives of inner-city youth. Taking time out to enjoy the beauty that is Baltimore, MD is one of the joys that she looks forward to each and every day.

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