Ode to NCWO

July 08, 2011

This is an open letter to the National Council of Women’s Organizations, the organization that I interned with last semester. I learned so much through the staff and experiences that they exposed me to this year was the best semester I ever spent in Southeast DC. I was about to make a change in the way I thought about women’s rights and the issues they face everyday. Now more than ever I know that my mission is to work in these communities.

About Internship

I was brought on as the Social Networking Intern, but I did so much more. I was able to work with women’s groups such as AAUW (American Association of University Women) and their lobby corps and legislative officials on upcoming legislation pertaining to the rights and well being of women and girls. I sat in on networking meetings with organizations like National Women’s Law Center and the Association for Women in Science planning different social media and communications outreach. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. A bit about the progress I made in the short time I was there: I increased the Facebook fan page active usage from 58 to just over 250 users. On Twitter, the progress their was also astounding; from 67 followers to over 284 in just 3 months and I’m proud of getting NCWO the exposure that they deserved on that front.

The Work

Wondering who NCWO is? Well here’s a short blurb on the organization:

The National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) is a 501c3 nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition that represents over 11 million women across the United States. Over 200 member organizations collaborate through substantive policy work and grass roots activism to address issues of concern to women, including family and work, economic equity, education, affirmative action, older women, corporate accountability, women and technology, reproductive freedom, women’s health, younger women and global progress for women’s equality.


Member Organizations

Some of the great organizations (member groups) that they work with include:

National Women’s Law Center

Mom’s Rising

Digital Sistas, Inc.

Feminist Majority Foundation

Girls, Inc.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Special Thanks

I want to end this by sending a HUGE thank you to Susan Scanlan, Ashley Horne and Lory Manning for their support, advice and overwhelming inspiration during my time at NCWO. Everything that I learned in that short time from perfecting my professional portfolio to navigating the DC area as former resident was truly appreciated. I only hope that if they ever need anything, they know that I am a short drive, phone call and e-mail blast away.

Thank you.

I encourage all of my readers to take a look at the great things that NCWO is achieving in the name of women. I am proud to be a strong supporter of this organization.

Want to know more?

Follow them on Twitter: @NCWO

Like them on FB: NCWO

and check out their home page: http://www.womensorganizations.org/

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