Not Qualified? Try This…

December 02, 2010

So as I embark on my hunt for a career in the non profit sector, I always seem to hit a roadblock of sorts.

Most of the time, the entry level jobs that I am most qualified for get filed in the “Tell A Friend” pile.

Why? Because of that darn word EXPERIENCE. Now as I’ve mentioned before, I am trained in communication and PR. That’s what I am schooled in…It’s what I know. The unfortunate thing is that the positions that I am coming across don’t quite fit. I either have the education and the experience doesn’t meet the requirements or vice versa.

Up until now I thought I was doomed, until a mentor of mine mentioned the buzz word of the year: Internship.

With the country still reeling from the recession and companies starting to hire again, times are becoming very hard for young professionals looking for employment.

Internships may be the best and “only” way for some to get experience in the field they are interested in.

My advice to those who are applying for jobs and not receiving callbacks or just know that they have no experience, take a look at some internships. You never know what may lead to a full-time position with that employer.


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What about you? Has anyone successfully held a internship that led to a full-time job? Or has an internship provided you with experience that helps you in your everyday job performance? Sound off below..

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